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Hal Roberts & Associates is a full service real estate firm serving the Bucks County and Montgomery County areas. Established in 1990, Hal Roberts is an agile real estate firm that offers unparalleled customer service and attention to detail for each and every client they represent.

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Estate Sales

The need for estate sales most typically arises when a family member dies and a home is left with the estate to sell. More often than not, an estate’s need to sell a property comes suddenly and depending on the situation, an estate may need more time, guidance and focus in order to get a property sold.

Some estate sales need to move quickly; not every estate can afford the sudden expense of a home. Others simply wish to move on from the property as a way to gain closure or to help with various expenses.

Alternatively, some estate sales can take a long time to complete. Often times, estate homes are not always in the best condition and beneficiaries may not always agree on cost or strategy for the home. Some estates simply do not speak with each other, making an estate sale even more difficult to manage and successfully settle.

Hal Roberts & Associates is a knowledgeable, experienced and trusted real estate agency with years of experience aiding estate sales. As a small agency, we pay close attention to each one of our clients to ensure that your unique needs are met with superior customer service and attention to detail.

No matter what the circumstance, HRA is dedicated to you, your estate and the task at hand; not quotas.

We’ve helped countless estates and are ready to help you. Speak with one of our knowledgeable agents today.